My Spring Vacation

This year my spring break was long and exhausting. I didn’t travel to any exotic locations or picture perfect getaways. I instead studied for all my three classes. While I studied I learned how to put pictures in my blogs on WordPress. All that studying took of lot of time. However I also was working my normal forty hours at Stop&Shop. Not only did I have to write two weeks of schedule for all associates in the entire store. I also had to run the front end during three crazy days  before the blizzard the store was very busy lots of customers buying groceries. Believe me was a crazy few days before the storm. Every register was open and still had long lines. Overall my spring break was not much of a vacation. Maybe next year I can make it somewhere nice, warm, and relaxing.©


How to Manage your Time

Between working full-time, school and family I have to use my time wisely in order to be able to spend time with my family, and study to have good grades also, leave time to have fun. Is all about taking care of your priorities.Setting yourself a scheduled is very important it will allow you to accomplish everything that you want to do.